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Fear of God II (Let Us Pray / Parental Advisory) [PA]
It makes perfect sense that Clipse member Pusha T officially launched his career via G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye West?s label. After all, Pusha?s style is a grimmer, more street version of West?s, and they?re equally loud, equally unashamed, and equally skilled when it comes to rockin? the party or getting the thugs? heads to nod. Here, the superb ?Trouble on My Mind? does it all at once with an irresistible hook, a Neptunes beat so chilly it is Mobb Deep-worthy, and a brilliant, pre-heist pep talk from Pusha that seamlessly goes from Obama, to college mascots, to ?when you add fame, that?s a whole ?nother devil,? to a guest shot from a grumbling Tyler, the Creator. That?s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with the emphasis put on ?Dark,? and that goes double when Pusha elsewhere offers ?Sell that pussy to me, I?d rather buy it baby/Look at your purse, you need the help, we can?t deny it baby/I?m what dreams are made of? because he?s got all the answers. It?s hard to root for any of the main characters here as ?Everything That Glitters? finds Pusha and French Montana at the strip club ?pissy drunk? and ?embracing guns, ignore Bibles,? but guests 50 Cent, Rick Ross, and even Pharrell go harder than usual in this atmosphere as the thrill of danger throughout is contagious. Producers Shawty Redd, Nottz, and A-Traxx all contribute bottom-heavy stunners while West, Diddy, Juicy J, and Young Jeezy add the right amount of outside influence, making this just a tad more ?fun? than your usual casket drop from Clipse. ~ David Jeffries € 15.99 Fear of God II (Let Us Pray / Parental Advisory) [PA] van kantoor artikelen tip.

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