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With A Little Help From My Friends
Yeah, Ringo Starr was a Beatle, and as such, he was part of an incredibly creative band, and he no doubt contributed his share to that, but he was, after all, a drummer, and even if he was the exact right drummer for the Beatles (it?s difficult to imagine anyone else holding down that chair), he still had a limited vocal range and he certainly never aspired to be a frontman. When he began touring regularly in 1989, he wisely assembled his All-Starr Band with this in mind, and he was back in his element at these shows as the drummer who stepped into the spotlight to sing a song or two but left most of the singing to those who were better at it, and in the case of the rotating All-Starr Band, that meant singers like Levon Helm (?The Weight?), Rick Danko (?Raining In My Heart?), Jack Bruce (?Sunshine of Your Love?), and Felix Cavaliere (?Groovin??), among others. Ringo stepped forward to sing signature songs like ?Yellow Submarine? exactly like he did with the Beatles. This three-disc set collects live recordings from three of those tours, and it?s fun stuff, and if no one involved really gets to redefine himself, well, it?s got to be fun helping out the drummer for the Beatles. ~ Steve Leggett € 24.50 With A Little Help From My Friends van kantoor artikelen tip.

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